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About e-Watertest

e-WaterTest.com is staffed by Professional Chemists, Engineers and Microbiologists, who hold Public Water Supply System and Public Water Treatment Plant Operator licenses within the State of New Jersey and have over 80 years of combined laboratory instrumentation, equipment, water supply and treatment experience. Our staff belongs to many professional organizations dealing with water related issues, such as the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the Water Quality Association (WQA).

The president and co-founder of e-Watertest is Don Lilley. Don has over 30 years experience in the water quality profession. This includes working with municipal water companies to manage the quality of their drinking water.

The laboratory director is Tom Mullen and he is also a co-founder of e-Watertest. Tom has nearly 30 yeas experience in laboratory testing and management. He founded his current lab in 1991. This lab is certified lab to perform water testing in that state. This is the same lab and same personnel that performs the testing for our e-Watertest customers...

...The only difference is that because e-Watertest is an mail-order business we cannot 'certify' the results of the testing performed for e-Watertest customers.  That's because we are only certified in one state and we don't control the 'chain-of-custody' from the point the water samples are drawn until they arrive at our lab. But, the quality of the mail-order testing is exactly the same as it is for the in-state certified testing.

Because e-WaterTest.com performs testing using only approved US EPA methods on equipment designed to provide accurate results, you can be sure you are getting a real laboratory analysis by degreed professionals and not testing by unqualified personnel using test strips or colorimetric kits.

Find out for sure what is in the water your family uses everyday. A comprehensive test performed by our laboratory will give you the comfort of knowing for sure the quality of your water supply.




















































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Some of Our More Well Known Customers

  • The Statue of LibertyEllis Island Foundation

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin. Here's the ship whose drinking water we tested for the NOAA:


  • US Bureau of Reclamation  - Grand Coulee Dam 


  • US Army Corp of Engineers
  • US Air Force - 133rd Airlift Wing
  • The Welaka National Fish Hatchery
  • US Navy - Travis Air Force Base
  • US Secret Service
  • US Embassy - Yemen
  • Greene County Conservation District (PA)
  • Eliot Watershed Association (ME)
  • City of Lewisburg (TN)
  • Royal Norwegian Embassy
    Washington, D.C.
  • National Park Service
    Duweep Ranger Station
    Grand Canyon, AZ