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The Original Water Testing Laboratory for Home & Business

e-Watertest is a professional water testing laboratory with a proud legacy of more than 70 years of environmental analysis. Our experienced staff provides a wide range of water testing services to industry and residential customers nationwide.


We have a new look!

Your eWaterTest analysis is still performed by Don Lilley and the eWaterTest lab. In order to provide you with continued excellence in testing and customer service, our kits have upgraded through a partnership with SimpleWater Tap Score at UC Berkeley. As a loyal customer we offer you a dedicated service team (click here), improved reporting, and other necessary upgrades to your water testing kit.

We are proud to serve you and proud to partner with Tap Score. Our teams are standing by to answer any questions: email hello@simplewater.us or call 888-346-9928.


Established 1948

The e-WaterTest laboratory was established in 1948 and was the first water testing laboratory to offer professional water testing services online (2000).

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Our Clients Include Federal Agencies, Scientific Labs, Engineering Firms and Hospitals

  • The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island Foundation

  • NASA (Cape Kennedy, Florida)

  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin. (NOAA) Washington, DC

  • US Army Corp of Engineers, NJ

  • US Navy – Travis Air Force Base, CA

  • US Fish and Wildlife – The Welaka National Fish Hatchery, FL

  • Sonoco Plastics

  • St. Lukes Hospital, NC



Contaminants Tested

Lead, heavy metals, inorganics, pesticides, herbicides, industrial waste, chlorine disinfection byproducts and more.



Years Serving communities

Established in 1948, our laboratory has extensive experience in water quality testing for any purpose.



Free Shipping Both Ways

Our water testing packages are shipped to your mailbox with pre-paid return shipping and award-winning customer support for every customer.


Our Programs


e-WaterTest.com is staffed by Professional Chemists, Engineers and Microbiologists, who have held Public Water Supply System and Public Water Treatment Plant Operator licenses and over 100 years of combined laboratory instrumentation, equipment, water supply and treatment experience.

The president and co-founder of e-Watertest is Donald Lilley. Mr. Lilley has over 30 years of experience in the water quality profession. This included having managed a large public water utility, as well as holding State water treatment and water supply licenses, which are necessary to manage the quality and distribution of public drinking water within the State of New Jersey. The laboratory director is Tom Mullen and he is also a co-founder of e-Watertest. Mr. Mullen has nearly 30 yeas of experience in laboratory testing and management.


How OfTen Should I Test My Water?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), in some publications, seems to indicate yearly for private well water, for public systems it will depend on your own preference. Perhaps the best answer is what you as a consumer feel comfortable with.

What Should I Test for?

This is the most frequently asked question. Basically, you should test for any parameters that are of concern to you and may affect your health. There are many things that can be in water that are health related and testing for all of them can be very expensive. This is why we have partnered with Tap Score as an excellent overall water quality screen.

Free Water Testing?

Beware of free water tests! e-WaterTest.com has spent a large amount of money to purchase laboratory equipment and train qualified staff to test drinking water in accordance with USEPA testing methodologies. There are many water testing offers on the internet that are being less than honest about the way they perform their analysis, e-WaterTest.com performs a full range of in-house testing using state of the art instrumentation and equipment.

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e-WaterTest partners with SimpleWater Tap Score to provide outstanding customer service to every water testing customer, home or business.


August 2018

As a Home Inspector with 35 years in the industry we trust e-Water and Tap Score for dependable results and unbiased treatment advice.

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Ready To Get Started?

e-Watertest is proud to offer a comprehensive line of residential water testing packages. In partnership with SimpleWater, every Tap Score water test we offer includes:

  1. Quantified analysis and mapping of your water chemistry

  2. Free shipping of all materials, both ways

  3. Personalized and unbiased water treatment recommendations