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e-WaterTest.com is staffed by Professional Chemists, Engineers and Microbiologists, who have held Public Water Supply System and Public Water Treatment Plant Operator licenses and over 100 years of combined laboratory instrumentation, equipment, water supply and treatment experience.

The president and co-founder of e-Watertest is Donald Lilley. Mr. Lilley has over 30 years of experience in the water quality profession. This included having managed a large public water utility, as well as holding State water treatment and water supply licenses, which are necessary to manage the quality and distribution of public drinking water within the State of New Jersey. The laboratory director is Tom Mullen and he is also a co-founder of e-Watertest. Mr. Mullen has nearly 30 yeas of experience in laboratory testing and management. He founded his current lab in 1991.

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According to US EPA

"“If you have your own well, you are responsible for making sure that your water is safe. Private wells should be tested annually for at least nitrate and coliform bacteria to detect contamination problems early.”


Even if you don’t have a well, don’t you want peace-of-mind that you and your family are drinking water that is safe, or that you are able to take action to correct problems that have developed?

Water testing is important to the health of you and that of your family. While you can use water test kits with color strips to test your water, there is no home testing kit that can be as reliable as having your drinking water tested by a professional water testing laboratory that utilizes water testing methods approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).